Programmation internationale

New World / Gianluca Abbate & Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri / Italie / 2018 / 7’50

Year 2017, a city, a square, a day, the first of May, Labour Day, a music festival, guys dancing and singing together. At this point everything seems like to fall into a colorful storm. Is it the beginning of a New World?

Elastic Recurrence / Johan Rijpma / Pays-Bas / 2017 / 2’

From all directions gravity pulls on the shards of a breaking dinner plate. While the pieces of the plate expand into space, elastic strings try to pull them back together. Even though the expansion appears to be never ending, the new connections see.

Zone fuori controllo / Giuliana Cuneaz / Italie / 2012 / 5’02

The work Zone Fuori Controllo is a series devoted to ecological and environmental disturbances. They are “other landscapes” which establish a direct relationship with reality, an unpredictable trip through the waves of a seastorm, the mysterious gorges of a grotto, the lava flow of a volcano, or the collision of huge icebergs. The series is inspired by the idea of the sublime, and is also intended as a tribute to the protagonists of Romantic painting, such as Caspar David Friedrich or William Turner.What shines through the contemporary face of catastrophe is not only the violence that springs from nature’s energy, but the presumption of individuals who believe they can govern the destiny of the universe without respecting the ecosystem.

Nostalgia for nature / Hugo Arcier / France / 2013 / 8’59

‘Nostalgia for Nature’ is a true sensory experience, a film composed entirely of computer-generated images. It immerses us in the spirit of its protagonist, an ordinary city dweller who recollects moments and scenes from his childhood, all inextricably tied to nature.
Guided and accompanied by off-screen narration, these flashbacks intermingle, diffracted by his memory.

OROGENESIS / Boris Labbé / France / 2016 / 7’52

A trip towards abstraction, as an hypothesis on how mountains might have been formed.
XYLO / Malo Lacroix / France / 2017 / 4’17
Malo Lacroix (4’17), selfproduced, Fr, 2017.
Nameless material, deaf groans which make the space quake.

healing / Regina Hübner / Austria-Italy / 2016 / 8’(excerpt), HD digital colour video, ambient sound, excerpt of 21’03»

«healing» is the result of a private performance that I made on my own body with butter taken from a glazed stoneware jar in which my grandmother once preserved lard. I make the gestures with significance and the desire to change a status.
The iconography remembers on the patterns used in different cultures, which have the common function of abstracting reality, giving shape to the un-representable, and which aims to create a codified communication. Through abstraction, the action on the body and the body itself become an ornament by their self and thus protects the defenceless status of the body by the exclusion of reality-related elements.
«healing» is an intimate work and exhibiting it in public, has the meaning of an act of courage.
It represents what I am doing now: healing myself. It represents what I am now: being uncovered.

Elle et la poule / Kika Nicolela / Brésil / 2017 / 4’20

She has a story to tell, with the chicken as a witness. Using black humor, an in-depth monologue and inappropriate women clichés, ELLE ET LA POULE are deeply involved in difficult issues such as sexual abuse and violence against women.

FINAL GATHERING / Alain Escalle / France / 2016 / 12’
Alain Escalle (12’), STUDIOAE, Fr, 2016

Subjective experimentations affecting the reality of a memory, leaving the auditory and optical traces in a world in mutation.